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Tara Treasures - Felt Ice Cream Set

Tara Treasures - Felt Ice Cream Set

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Indulge your child's imagination with our Felt Ice Cream Set that includes 2 waffle cones and 9 scrumptious ice cream scoops in an array of mouthwatering flavours. Perfect for sharing with friends or serving up a sweet feast in pretend play, this set promises to be a favourite in your child's play kitchen.

2 Waffle Cones:
Perfectly sized for little hands, these felt cones offer a realistic twist to your child’s imaginative ice cream shop.

9 Fun Scoops:
Rainbow - A vibrant splash of colours, as cheerful as a sunny day.
Chocolate Mint - Cool mint and rich chocolate chips.
Vanilla with Chocolate Chips - A classic favourite sprinkled with chocolate chips.
Chocolate Caramel Swirl - Luscious chocolate and gooey caramel in a tempting dance.
Strawberry with Heart Sprinkles - Sweet strawberry adorned with adorable heart-shaped sprinkles.
Green Apple Sorbet - Refreshingly tart and sweet, a true palate cleanser.
Raspberry Sorbet - Bursting with the tangy taste of fresh raspberries.
Orange Sorbet - A citrusy delight, perfect for a pretend summer treat.
Mango Sorbet - Exotically sweet, capturing the essence of tropical bliss.

This set not only enhances pretend play but also aids in the development of fine motor skills and colour recognition, encouraging your child to learn through play. Packaged in a beautiful, eco-friendly box, our Felt Ice Cream Set makes a perfect gift for birthdays or any special occasion, promising endless hours of fun and imaginative play.

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