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Random Harvest - Australian Truffle Oil 250ml

Random Harvest - Australian Truffle Oil 250ml

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Australia's leading truffle oil for flavour and quality, this best-seller is beautifully balanced in flavour and aroma. The perfect blend of real Australian Truffle expertly infused with premium, Australian extra virgin olive oil from the NSW Hunter Valley.

Bring the flavour of premium truffle into the kitchen with ease. Enhance a versatile range of dishes, from the perfect pasta to creamy risotto, salads or soups.

With earthy flavours of expertly selected, Australian grown black truffle, and the creaminess of Hunter Valley extra virgin olive oil, there's good reason the best selling Australian Truffle Oil is a worldwide market leader.

Swirl the bottle and watch real truffle dancing through the golden olive oil, and know that you're using a genuine truffle oil that is 100% Australian made and owned, and a true representation of Australian quality.

If you're looking for Australia's best truffle oil, choose Random Harvest Truffle Oil.

100% Gluten Free
100% Australian Made
100% Australian Owned

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